R i c k
N a n c e

Improvisation gets the bigger billing these days. I've been very fortunate to be able to join a band in the area and we play every month, most often with a new guest player each time. Between the new things done, the one's coming and more than a decade's back catalogue of work, this page should fill up as soon as I get a server to house it all, but for now:

Spencer Leffell (drums), John English (guitar), Craig Hultgren (cello) and myself (trumpets and guitars)

Howard Johnson Improv Station
by Spencer, John, Craig, and me.

Phantom Limb 1996 by Spence, John, Rick

Lee Allatson and Rick Nance

The SLIE are: Lee Allatson (drums), Virginia Anderson (clarinets), Bruce Coates (saxophones), Christopher Hobbs (piano), Rick Nance (flugelhorn), Trevor Lines (bass), and Peter Wyeth (guitar).

SLIE set in London's Walthamstow at the Discovery 2017 Improvisation festival organised by legendary guitarist John Russell.

Core SLIE 2017

Guitar improv 2018